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Critics Corner

I just wanted to drop you a line to say “Thank You” to you and your staff for always doing such a great job on all of my crazy, sometimes “last minute” orders. The food is always fresh, on time and delicious!

Everyone enjoyed the breakfast sandwiches this morning, as well as the bagels! And who doesn’t like “FRESH FRUIT”!!!

Lorraine B. Gibson|Administrative Assistant
Anodyne Health

Thank you so much for the great service. The food was great and I really appreciated everything you did to make our week a success.


Paula D. Finley
Director of Customer Service
Magellan Health Services

Our Senior Vice President of Sales was in Alpharetta for meetings. He travels all over America, he said you make the best breakfast and lunches that he has ever had.

As always, thank you so very much.

Deborah Brodt | Executive Assistant

Thank you so much for pulling together a lunch for our team. You turned my disaster into a triumph and Precyse colleagues are very thankful.

Please thank your team for us too!

Deborah Brodt | Executive Assistant

I wanted to let you know what a delicious breakfast of assorted bagels, cream cheese, jellies and fresh fruit your shop delivered for IPG yesterday. As always, the service was prompt, the food delicious (bagels were still WARM!). We so appreciate your great service, terrific staff and reliability. We know we can always count on your shop to deliver the best.

Thanks again and we’ll look forward to using your services again soon.

Best Regards,

Kathy Blankinship | IPG
Executive Assistant to CEO

You and your staff are always so courteous and helpful. Whenever our office treats us to lunch, my vote is always for Grouchy's!!!


Kim Wilson at Atlanta Urogynecology

More reviews from yelp.com...

My mom tends to latch on to places when she discovers a new place she likes. She discovered Grouchy's sometime last summer and for months the only bagels in the house were from Grouchy's. Not that I'm complaining. They're bagels definitely don't come from a bag. They're chewy and fresh with toppings coating the whole bagel. I'm a fan of the Everything. So are a lot of other people because often they're out of them when I want one.

In addition to the bagels, they have a full menu of other deli staples. Everything from knishes (heaven!) to a nova platter consisting of smoked salmon, cream cheese, a bagel of your choice, and capers. The Californian is my favorite sandwich on the menu. The cucumber gives it a nice crunch and I preferred mine on an onion bagel. Their deli meat is sliced paper thin, which I also love. Thick cut deli meat freaks me out, in all honesty

For those who love corned beef, pastrami and other NY deli delights, this spot will knock your socks off.

Try Grouchys Ruben: corned beef, pastrami, sauerkraut, swiss cheese & Russian dressing. All grilled . . . as it should be. Clogged arteries, but happy tummy.

They have a maple-crusted Atlantic salmon sandwich on a Kaiser roll that is as good as it gets! One of my favorites

I go to Grouchy's enough that I'm known by name there.

That should tell you a lot about Grouchy's.

You'll see the same people working there every day. You'll get the same smile, and if you're like me, you'll get the same sandwich. Mine is, appropriately, the Grouchy, a simple pastrami sandwich with deli mustard.

As another reviewer mentioned, Grouchy's isn't fancy food. It's meat on bread, usually with some sort of mustard or sauce. My friends often go for the Chicken Philly (which they say is very good). The bagels are pretty good, too.

You can actually buy the meats by the pound from Grouchy's as well, so if you need a good place to pick up some pastrami, you can get it here.

Grouchy's is a relatively ideal lunch spot: it's tasty, reasonably priced, fast, and not fried

Grouchy's is a new-york style deli. Not sure what that entails but I've been there several times and have always been pleased. They have a pretty large variety of sandwiches, and many different types of bread you can have your sandwich on. My personal favorites are the bagels, especially a multi-grain or salt bagel. So delicious

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